Kingfisher Nursery wholesale heather growers and suppliers

Large batches of top quality wholesale heathers always available.

Programmed for continuity throughout the year in various pot sizes, full of flower buds with contrasting foliage varieties.

Heathers produce very high turnover per square metre of bench space all year round.

Garden Centre Display
Red Trays on Display

Handy Hints for Retail Heather Displays

We have noticed that some of our customers sell more heathers and faster than others.

The success is not always related to size of outlet or location but is more often as a result of good display. Whilst the following points may appear obvious they are often ignored.

  • Make attractive displays using foliage and flower colours to create maximum eye appeal on the beds.
  • Use our weatherproof posters close to displays to draw buyers to the plants.
  • Display in groups according to flowering times or preferred soil types.
  • Use raised beds to place plants at comfortable heights for customers to inspect. The easier it is to pick them up the easier it is to purchase.
  • Heather sales give very good returns per square metre, especially at times when other sales are slow, so they deserve a hot spot.
  • A bright display of heathers in Autumn or early Spring can brighten up the whole plant sales area.
  • Planted containers alongside sales beds can generate extra plant sales, and create linked sales of containers and compost
    Give them the position they deserve using Kingfisher Nursery's specially designed promotional materials.

    Advice and samples always available.
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