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Customer Service

Our team of trained staff recognise the importance of keeping our customers happy. Every effort is made to ensure that our service is reliable, our communications are friendly but efficient and people keep coming back.

Whether we deliver or the customer collects we aim to combine modern methods with traditional courtesy and personal service.

For orders placed before 4 pm Monday we will aim to deliver before the end of that week (within 100 mile radius of Kingfisher Nursery).

Helpful personal service from Kingfisher Nursery, wholesale heather growers and suppliers

Minimum order for delivery is one Danish trolley. (Made up of assorted pot sizes if you wish).

We are happy to accept orders based on your selection of varieties and pot sizes, subject to availability, however, most of our regular customers trust us to send them our selection.

This way we can send you plants that will sell quickly and sell out, but with a minimum two weeks shelf life.

This has proved over the years to be the most effective method.

Trolleys ready for despatch

We are in the best position to assess which plants are starting to look good as the season progresses. Every year is different.

It is not in our best interests to send you plants which will sell slowly.

We want you to sell out and re-order quickly.

Cash and carry heathers