Spring tips selling well…..

Don’t miss out….. we have all pot sizes available including some lovely gold, silver and green foliage types to complement the Spring tips.

6 packs…..

great impulse buy, all foliage pack including Spring tips, so long shelf life!  All individually labelled with picture handle.  So easy to pick up!  Fit 20 per shelf, why not give them a try?

2 litre Albert’s Gold….

lovely golden foliage that gets brighter as the sun shines!  Fits 36 per shelf, why not offer something a little different?

Ordering is so easy…….

Give Mandy or Pete a ring on


and let them make up a looking good selection for you, just let them know the pot sizes you require. and they will do the rest.

Order by 4 pm Mondays to ensure same week delivery.