The promise of great things in the Spring……

Our spring flowering Ericas are nicely budded up now and available in 9 cms, 1 litres and 2 litres.


All our plants are outdoor grown so will take no harm if the weather turns inclement.  Don’t molly coddle them, they love fresh air!

6 packs…..


An all Erica mix currently, looking particularly appealing.  Great impulse buy for the Christmas shoppers.  Fit 20 per shelf.

2 litre tree heaths…..


always popular, something  a little different perhaps for the centre of a Christmas container.  Fit 36 per shelf……


couldn’t be easier.  Min order is just one Danish trolley, ordered by 4 pm Mondays to ensure same week delivery.

Give Mandy a ring on


and let her make up a looking good selection for you.



Spring tips are ready…….

We have just started to grade out our spring tip Callunas which are beginning to show their spring colours.  Long shelf life.

Good availability in 9 cms, 1 litres and 2 litres.

9 cm spring tip Callunas unlabelled             2 litre spring tip Callunas

All Erica six pack…..

Erica six packs

is still selling well, full of flower – a real eye catcher! Fit 20 per shelf, get them while they last!

2 litre tree heaths……

2 litre tree heaths 05-02-16

looking fabulous.  Several varieties to choose from.  Something a little different to offer.



Ask for Erica x oldenburgensis ‘Ammerland’ on your next order, she’s a beauty!  Loaded with flowers and don’t forget the little orange tip of new growth starting to show.

2 litre Erica x oldenburgensis Ammerland

Spring flowering Ericas…….


still several varieties holding well.  Great kerb appeal!  Ideal for impulse sales.


couldn’t be easier.  Please give Mandy or Ben a ring on


Just tell them the pot sizes you require and let them do the rest!  Min order just one Danish trolley. Please order by 4 pm Mondays for same week nationwide delivery.